UNP005 Heading for STRP

Working my way towards playing a live set at STRP Bienal Eindhoven 2017 on the 26th of March.

STRP has grown into the largest event for creative technology in the Netherlands over the course of eight editions, with almost 30,000 visitors in ten days in 2015.

Characteristic is the mix of creativity and technology, which is typical for Eindhoven. Apart from that, STRP produces and presents more and more new work and new concerts by legendary performance pioneers, young choreographers, visionary authors and upcoming hybrid artists.

More info: https://strp.nl/en/

UNP004 Modular Collab with SONICrider

I met SONICrider at the Bizarre Sound Creatures exposition 2016 in Eindhoven. After shaking hands, we briefly speak on making music and how to keep building tension in a live set. His impressive hardware rig, always lit in green, shows signs of an intense musical life before modular became a thing again. And I must say, after getting to know him a little, he’s still the punk he was back in the eighties.

We got together last Friday to jam with our modular systems.
Here’s what our journey turned out to be. 🙂

More info on SONICrider: http://www.sonicrider.nl